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Ray, Did you just Fort?

October 23, 2009 Post written by: G

After we felt like we’d spent sufficient time basking in the glory and marinating in the awesomeness of the magnificent Taj Mahal, we thought we should also take a gander at the Agra Fort. So we had a quick lunch and a quick rest, then headed on by foot. It was a pleasant walk, and it feels so good to be able to get out and walk around and get exercise instead of always being relegated to taking a car for anywhere you want to go, and especially worthwhile since on our stroll, I saw my first camel in India! In fact, it was my first camel anywhere outside of the zoo, let alone a working one. And I never guessed it, thinking they were about llama size, but man camels are HUGE!! [ngfilename filename='P1090280.JPG' float=center] It was very exciting, and kept my thoughts happy all the way to the fort. The fort itself was neat, and provided a nice view of the Taj in the distance (incidentally, Shah Jahan who had built the Taj was imprisoned in this fort when his son overthrew him and was forced to live out the rest of his days only gazing at his creation from the windows of the fort). [ngfilename filename='P1090288.JPG' float=center] Even better, the fun architecture of the massive compound lent itself to some fun photography and Ray and I had a great time thinking of fun portraits to take of each other, much as we had done at Humayun’s tomb in Delhi. Here, you can check out the albums of the Agra Fort, some from Chillin in Agra, and our Portraits from both the fort and the tomb!

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2 Responses to “Ray, Did you just Fort?”

  1. I completely agree with you on the walking. When we came back from overseas and had to drive everywhere – and not only that, but actually had to buy a car – it was devastating. It’s so nice to just walk and explore an area on foot.

    I think if I was Shah Jahan, I’d alternate between pride and insanity…

  2. Lol I think I’d alternate between pride and “oh you are SO grounded when I get out of this room!” I haven’t caught up on the whole history of the family yet, but it seems like it was all pretty dysfunctional. I mean, all families are dysfunctional…but this is on an empiric (literally!) level, with all of them overthrowing each other. Where’s the love? It eventually led to their downfall (specifically Aurangazeb, the one who imprisoned Shah Jahan and unraveled all his years of peaceable intertwining of Mughal and Hindu culture). Way to go, dweebo.

    And, btw, I “donated” to the gym back home for 2 full years and only got fatter living in the States and having a car (and a desk job! And Carl’s, McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, mmmm….!). I’ve officially lost 20 pounds so far since we left without all that!

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