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G’s 27th Birthday Party at the TAJ MAHAL!!

October 21, 2009 Written by: G

So the day spent on the filthy floor of the Delhi train station was so NOT the romantic plan I’d had in my mind for celebrating my 27th birthday with my first view of the Taj Mahal. But an early-morning train wreck near Agra meant our train was delayed three hours, and then an additional [...]

Ssssshhh! It’s G’s Birthday!

October 20, 2009 Written by: Ray

Okay, first, sssssshhhh! G’s not allowed to look at the websites until after her birthday so here’s the plan… If you’d like to get G something, but don’t want to mess with the Asian postal system I think I have just the thing… Would you like to buy her dinner? Or how about an entry [...]

From the Personal Files: Delhi Tour – All the Requisite Sights and a Total Mind-twist at the Mall

October 20, 2009 Written by: G

Howdy howdy!! It’s less than 3 hours to my birthday and I am showered and clean and chillin in the room and Ray’s gone out to do something for bday preparations (yay!) and I am in a very good mood cuz I had a busy and long but a great day with my boy! We [...]

Delhi Belly…But the Good Kind

October 19, 2009 Written by: G

We had to. Just to see. [ngfilename filename='P1080094.JPG' float=center] [ngfilename filename='P1070900.JPG' float=center] Aside from there being no hamburgers at this most famous of hamburger restaurants, the verdict is: the cups of Coke (with ice!), Filet-o-fish, Chicken McNuggets, and fries all taste remarkably similar. I wouldn’t call the Veggie Burger an adequate substitute, but Ray gave [...]

Hello again, India!!

October 17, 2009 Written by: G

And so with considerably less flap than our previous flights, we arrived safely back to New Delhi from Kathmandu. We got to see the Himalayas as we flew out of Nepal and they kept me transfixed for a good half hour or so out the airplane window. It was a super cloudy day around the [...]

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BACK HOME in the US of A!!!

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Writing a book!

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